Quality results are based on:

REPEATED (skilled search + extensive data processing + ability to find and use indirect links + ability to distinguish illusion and half-truths from reality)

In addition to our technical skills, wide access, proficiency in using digital databases, and extensive experience in data and information processing, we believe that our greatest asset and talent is our ability to find connections even in situations where it may seem that there is no more information available. If it exists, we can find information about it. And vice versa: if it is mere illusion, we can tell it apart from what is real.

Our extensive experience makes us good at what we do. However, every case is unique, which is why our work is always based on the specific requirements and we try to avoid taking a formulaic approach.

Information is acquired from many different lawful sources from social media to databases of scientific publications. In order to find additional information, we also analyse subject/object data indirectly related to the search object, which is highly labour-intensive, but yields a large amount of important extra information.  Following this, we carry out an initial analysis, which generally reveals a need for additional searches.  We repeat this as many times as it takes to reach a point where linked objects no longer reveal any new information.  Then we carry out a final analysis during which we separate all unreliable information from reliable information.